About Mughots

Well, we think it’s pretty self-explanatory. Mughots’ sole purpose is to bring you lots and lots of mug shots of attractive women. Hot mug shots = Mughots, you see.

And our wonderful visitors help make things more interesting by rating the lovely ladies you’ll find on Mughots. It’s sort of like a Hot Or Not for the mug shot set.

Mughots is an offshoot of our original mug shots site - Muggn.com - basically the Mug Master noticed that quite a few attractive ladies were appearing among the thousands of mug shots we review for Muggn, so we decided the lovely ladies deserved their own site.

Some people wonder if these photos are actually mug shots. The answer to that is here.

If you’d like to know more about where our mugshots come from and whatnot, all of that information is posted at Muggn. One thing that’s always worth repeating is this - the mug shots you see here are taken at the time of arrest, well before any criminal court proceedings happen. So a lady’s appearance here is a suggestion that she has been arrested, but does not mean she was found guilty of any crime or even brought to trial. It’s the whole “presumed innocent until proven guilty” thing.

You should not assume that the women shown on Mughots were guilty of a crime or even that they were charged with a crime. In fact, you should assume they were not unless you know otherwise.

Also always worth mentioning - we are not out to cause undue harm, embarrassment or infamy to those featured on the site. This is meant to be fun. So if you find yourself featured on Mughots and would rather not be, we are happy to remove your photo. Just contact the Mug Master.

Mughots is owned and produced by Bet-R Sites, which is responsible for publication of the original images posted as entries here. The individual users who contribute to Mughots are responsible for the content they contribute. And because nobody reads the footer, you should check out our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.